Having conversations with trees
might occur to some as

at first.

Or with stones. A mountain. Rivers. Or little ants
marching beneath our righteous kingdoms.

You might frown. Think it crazy – but some might
be intrigued. By the unspoken conversation
between all.

If we choose to sit down – to talk with silence,

not to measure, defend or accuse.
As we humans often do. Not doing.
Rather being.

We might notice. Might hear
the orchestra of incomprehensible beauty.

For everything speaks.

If you do not hear and can walk away
telling yourself with complete honesty
there is nothing in this vast universe
that makes your soul explode with a feeling-
a knowing in your bones

then I offer you my apology now.Stand still. Slow down.
Mater is speaking herself into being. Into you.
It does not matter what matter you hear.
Only that you hear your call.

 © Ansa Smit , 2014

The Latin word for “mother” is mater, the root word for “matter“.