Words can be wild horses.
You find yourself struck by their magnificence.
Then, in a moment of folly, you think yourself grand and attempt to tame.
Only to find yourself in the dust. Face down.
Remembering your place in the scheme of things
 ©  Ansa Smit, 2014
Rumi whispered to us that ‘there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss this earth’.
Writing poetry, dancing with words – is my way to kneel. To kiss this earth.

 2015-07-31 19.48.24

ansa budda 2

Ansa Smit

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ansa, what a beautiful, elegant, gentle, evocative, generous sharing of who you are and who you’re becoming! Thank you! Pat xx


  2. This is so inspiring, so beautiful, so gently softly yet powerfully encouraging.
    Dankie baie vir jou bereid/braafheid om dit alles met ons te deel liefste Ans x


  3. May you continue to unfold as gently and as sensitively as only you can. And may you flourish like an olive tree in a sea of lavender. Love, Billy


  4. Ansa, please let me know the name of the poem you sang at the Anthology launch – I assume it is on your blog somewhere. I would love to revisit it. Your rendering in song was very powerful. It made me convinced you were also a singer but I could not find anything of you on YouTube. You have a very beautiful voice.


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