The Inner Tango

a gentle touch

There comes a time when you know
you cannot stay. You place your ear
on the shell of your soul – you listen
to strange sounds – flickering symbols

you start to walk away from all
that served you well
but caged you well
in return.

You find yourself dancing in your own living room
until the images from your inner ear
point towards the unknown

as you dance this tango
with this not knowing
with these shadows
swirling wider then smaller
larger to rounder until voluptuous movements
weave into a breathing burning silk-fire body

your hunger a music
the silence breaking open
to suddenly
follow a map
in your own flesh

away from the map on the
outside. Rigid lines have grown deep over
centuries – yet you watch your feet
dream dance the sensuous,
the rhythm of your curves.

©Ansa Smit, June 2015

2015-07-29 15.45.01

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