‘Psychological invalidation kills confidence, creativity and individuality… We regularly invalidate others because we ourselves were, and are often invalidated, so it has become habitual. Repeated invalidation may be one of the worst crimes one person can commit against another without ever lifting a finger against them. And yet, it is neither illegal, “immoral” nor even widely recognized as a problem. – http://eqi.org/invalid.htm.


we do not make the time
to reflect
on that which have been done,
even less we touch-in
to the feeling world
shoved down,


we lift our faces
towards a forever and only
positive sun,

for in the golden glare
we gaze,
bathing in our blindness,
simmering in our shimmering
avoidance –

disowning the owning
of our own shadowy parts.

Epidemic this pervasive
invalidation of others
and of ourselves.

But let us not fool ourselves:

to digest and allow
the voice of light,
to be a spacious silent
opening ear
for the voice of the uncomfortable
and broken,
the raging and intolerable-

growing breath by crumbling breath,
expanding breath by joyous breath,
containing all these flavors and colors
to be within and without

a home exactly where you stand.

© Ansa Smit, September 2015.


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