Golden Thread

a gentle touch

I know you feel angry
I felt angry too

I know you feel rage
I felt her fire too

I know you feel hopeless. Battered. Pinned down.
Ripped open and left wrecked on the floor.

I know the shame. The guilt.
Wondering if it was your own
fault. Knowing very well it was not.

Hold on

even if your hands tremble with fear
your eyes cannot see. Your ears
refuse to hear and the taste of repulsion
smother your lips. Still – you hold on.

Onto the golden thread.

Our eyes meet in this line
and we both know you believe nothing.
Even if you do not conceive gold,
nevertheless thread-

you hold on.

When all your will has gone
and your body tells you nothing will ever matter

then you hold on with every ounce
of your being- for one day

you will rise and your soul

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