Unlocking my front door
I step into my home
to find two small birds
sitting on my kitchen table,

frozen we stare at each other-
the two birds and me.

the delicate sound of chatter
pierce through
the unexpected.

Slowly I open every window
to watch the one bird glide through
calling his mate to follow but

she does not follow. Like
many a female.

So we stand
in the kitchen, both slightly startled
but not following, rather we
listen to the song within each other.

Until the dogs come charging through
giving the bird
and me
such a fright
she takes flight
into the ceiling
against the wall
getting stuck behind a painting
as I whisper to her that
she is surrounded
by windows open widely

if only she would find her own for a moment
she would sense her already free

Which made me wonder
how often Sophia opens
after window
as we frantically strive
towards our own

to one day
find our own,
sensing the window wide open
to stop – spread our whole winged selves
swooping through into
a gentler way of being.

©Ansa Smit, June 2015.

2015-08-02 10.25.30(1)

4 thoughts on “Unlocking

  1. Ansa, dit is pragtig en treffend. Onmiddellik vlieg die volgende gedagte deur my kop: “Oh soul of mine, fly through the open windows of this world, straight into the arms of the Lord”

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