You bought a jersey last winter – not
a jersey,
not any winter

for it was summer in Inis Mór
when the humble Aran sweater
swept you off your cleated feet, I watched
with envy and with awe as your hands

lyrically picked the perfect pattern,
fingers tracing Celtic curves- gasping,
the wool thickened under your touch
the saleslady and me both flushed

on that winter summer’s day
wild on love the Emerald Isle sighed
and my body obeyed – unaware you
enfolded yourself with all that you have been

and all that you will become.

©Ansa Smit, 2015.


“The vision of the Celts was sacramental rather than mystical. They saw God in and through things rather than direct visions. The Celt says we must take time to learn to play ‘The 5 stringed Harp’ = the 5 senses.’ “~David Adam.ireland

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