a gift

For Christmas this year my mom
gave me soap.

As a gift.

It was wrapped up in earth, coarse
on my fingertips. Silk and cloud was the
soap and smelled of lavender with a
hint of holiness.

Carved out on the bottom – handmade
with care in Florence.

Carved out in my heart – handpicked
with care by Mother.

On those days when winter unfolds
within my soul, when cold memories
come knocking to remind me of my hearth,
to tell me their longing to be felt
held and be warmed- for even the haunted,
frozen in silence, hungers to be allowed

yes, on those days I run a hot bath
to wash myself with lavender tenderness
to soak myself back into myself
to lather up my throbbing flesh
and quivering heart

with soft handmade motherly touch.

©Ansa Smit, April 2015.

2015-05-04 06.55.13

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